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Florena hotel is located among the picturesque, beautiful fish villages of Lygia and Nikiana, at which the visitor can enjoy fresh fish, delicious fish dainties and genuine Lefkadian wine.

Moreover, there are small organized shops where someone can find items for his everyday life.

Opposite to the Acarnanian shores, Lefkada distinguishes from all other Ionian islands for its easy access - it is connected to the Greek mainland with a bridge.

It is an island that reputes for the breathtaking coasts, boundless beaches with sea-green waters, overgrown areas, mountainous traditional villages and picturesque seaside built-up areas.
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Lefkada is decorated by wooded by wooded small islands in its eastern coasts (Prigiponisia) , among which the very popular island of Onasis "Skorpios" is located. The island has intense tradition in the field of literature and arts, since poets like Aristotelis Valaoritis and Aggelos Sikelianos are originated from Lefkada among others.

The Island of Lefkada Greece: Florena Hotel on Lefkada

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